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Help Zoe fight back against the annoying animator who's disturbing her peace!  Destroy those pesky doodles, clean up her home and watch those bonus multipliers stack up!

ZOE is a looping horizontal Shmup with some platformy ground pounding thrown in to mix it up a bit.  Reclaim Zoe's territory, and regain health and energy, by stomping the buttons on the ground, but be careful not to deplete your resources before you face off against the boss.

Zoe is more manoeuvrable in the air (flying will use up her energy), but can fire more freely on the ground.  Dash from enemy to enemy to keep your multiplier chain going!

The third WiP Demo is now available - please let me know what you think, and if you encounter any problems!

I've still got a long way to go with this and I'll be posting here with plenty of updates as the project continues, so be sure to check out my Dev logs and keep an eye out for the latest builds!


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Wip Demo 3
- Menus and title screen implemented
- Clean up mechanic added
- Music / sound in progress
- Various visual updates

Wip Demo 2
- Fuel now runs out when flying, instead of having limited ammo
- 5 directional shooting when on the ground
- Small positional adjustments now possible when flying
- Local high scores implemented
- Multiplier value appears at enemy positions when it increases

On my to do list
- Sound / Music
- Title page and  level intro
- Wave three of first level
- Boss battle
- New enemies
- High Score
- Multiplier System Tweaks


ZOE WiP Demo 3 56 MB

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