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ZOE is a drawn on film style shoot 'em up with bright, colourful and unique visuals set to an old style boogie soundtrack! 

Reclaim your territory from the annoying animator as you shoot their irritating creations to bits and destroy their tools of vandalism.


All Zoe wants is some peace and quiet, but she's gonna have to deal with the pesky animator who keeps painting enemies and being generally annoying before she'll be able to get some rest.

Destroy the animator's tools, blast their creations to bits, collect Apples to spend on Power Ups, rack up your multiplier, and reclaim your serene surroundings to help Zoe get back to normality as fast as you can (and bag yourself a high score in the process)!



- Fly and dash, if you have enough Energy, to get to the next enemy and keep your chain going!...
- or run on the ground if you don't.
- Refill your Energy or Health and reclaim your territory by pounding the ink dots!
- Use your Dash charge to escape tricky situations or quickly take out stronger enemies...

Power Ups

Collect the Apples dropped by enemies to spend in the power up shops that appear throughout each level!

- Level Up your base gun
- Homing Shot (consumes Energy)
- Spread Shot (consumes Energy)
- Heavy Shot (consumes Energy)
- Speed Up
- Shield
- Apple Gravity+
- Points
+ More coming soon!


Compete for the high score on the online leaderboards!

- Build up your chain multiplier by taking out enemies in quick succession
- Reclaim as much territory as you can for a percentage based end of level bonus
- Take out the boss as quickly as you can for an end of level time bonus


- 1 Player blasting action!
- Awesome power ups!
- Online Leaderboards!
- Enemy chain scoring system
- Lovely drawn on film art style!
- Awesome Boogie soundtrack!
- Tutorial
- Looping arena
- Gamepad / Keyboard support


ZOE is a work in progress and feedback is really helpful to us - please leave a comment or check out our Discord or fill out our  feedback form to let us know your thoughts on the game!


ZOE WiP Demo 0.14.1 Additions
- New power ups!
- The Power up Shop
- Dash and Pound charge mechanics
- Apples!
- Bananas!
- New music
- Loads of tiny things you probably won't notice but make everything feel nicer!

ZOE WiP Demo 0.13.2 Additions
- Mac version
- Online leaderboard
- Refined / additional sound design
- New music
- Minor bug fixes

ZOE WiP Demo 0.13.1 Additions
- New tutorial

ZOE WiP Demo 0.13.0 
- Power up mechanics
- New wave / formation design
- Improved tutorial / guide
- Time based score bonus
- Enemy design tweaks
- Player speed tweaks
- Player damage emphasised
- More sound (mostly placeholder)


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ZOE Demo 0.14.1 Win 104 MB
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Love this game! It looks amazing and is a joy to play. 

Wow, thanks very much!

I orginally saw the game on my Twitter feed and was drawn in by the style and design. My BF said it looked like water color, I thought it was more of a claymation look to it. The concept was really interesting as well. I hope to see a full release of this. I played the game for my Indie Game Showcase and am adding the gameplay highlight for it here.

Thanks very much!  This gameplay footage is so helpful!  Keep an eye out for an update in the next couple of weeks :)

Went hands on with ZOE and really enjoyed what is available in the demo. It took a few runs to really get a grasp on the mechanics, but I thought the aesthetic and core loop of the game are really well done. Grats dev, look forward to future releases/updates.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, thanks very much for the kind words and playthrough, it's really helpful! 

It's interesting to see you sticking mostly to the ground as you play, as it was my intention to encourage players to mostly fly around, dashing from enemy to enemy to keep the chain going and refilling the energy as it runs out (it only runs out when you're flying).

I'm making some changes in the next update to hopefully address this - movement speed will be much slower on the ground, so it's really more of a punishment for missing the energy/health dots, and there's going to be a time bonus multiplier that gets added to your score at the end of the level, so the faster you take out the brush, the better your score will be.  I might actually start the player in the flying state as well, so it's more obvious...

I'm also adding a power up system, so the flow of the level will change quite a bit as a result.

Update coming soon!


All sound like solid fixes. I couldn't figure out what kept the chain going, this now makes a lot more sense. I'll be keeping an eye out for that update!