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ZOE is a drawn on film style shoot 'em up - a cross between Resogun, Cuphead and Splatoon! Reclaim your territory from the annoying animator as you shoot their irritating creations to bits and eventually destroy their tools of vandalism. Bright, colourful and unique visuals set to an old style boogie soundtrack.

The third work in progress Demo is now available - please let me know what you think, and if you encounter any problems!

I'll be posting here with plenty of updates as the project continues, so be sure to check out my Devlogs and keep an eye out for the latest builds.


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The main objective in ZOE is to destroy the animator’s paintbrush and all of the enemies it creates as fast as you can, while pounding the dots on the ground to both reclaim your territory and manage the finite energy and health resources that they provide.

The main scoring mechanic is the chain multiplier, which increases as long as you keep taking out enemies quick enough, and is applied to your score as you play, encouraging you to dash between enemies if they’re offscreen (an indicator pops up to point towards the nearest). There’s also a bonus applied at the end of your run based on the percentage of territory you’ve reclaimed by pounding the blue dots on the ground.

I’m considering a time related bonus as well, based on how fast you finish the level, to further encourage a more speedy play style, but that’s not implemented yet.

Energy / Health
Energy is used for flying and dashing and is depleted while doing so. It's represented by the gauge next to your health bar at the bottom of the screen, and is refilled by pounding onto the blue dots. You are more mobile in the air and therefore more able to chain enemies together, but if you are forced to the ground (by running out of energy, or missing a ground pound) you’re able to shoot in five directions to slightly compensate for your slower movement.

Frame Trap!
At the end of the level you enter a frame trap (boss arena, basically) after a 5 second count down - use this time to dash to an area with health and/or energy dots so you don't run out, or so you can clean up as much remaining territory as possible. The mini map at the bottom of the screen will help you to locate any un-popped dots (NOTE: I plan to change how this is animated so it scrolls with the player to make it more clear).


Wip Demo 3
- Menus and title screen implemented
- Clean up mechanic added
- Music / sound in progress
- Various visual updates
- Local High Scores
- Boss fight

Wip Demo 2
- Fuel now runs out when flying, instead of having limited ammo
- 5 directional shooting when on the ground
- Small positional adjustments now possible when flying
- Local high scores implemented
- Multiplier value appears at enemy positions when it increases

On the to do list
- Sound / Music
- New enemies
- More levels
- Multiplier System Tweaks


ZOE WiP Demo 3.6 73 MB

Development log


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I orginally saw the game on my Twitter feed and was drawn in by the style and design. My BF said it looked like water color, I thought it was more of a claymation look to it. The concept was really interesting as well. I hope to see a full release of this. I played the game for my Indie Game Showcase and am adding the gameplay highlight for it here.

Thanks very much!  This gameplay footage is so helpful!  Keep an eye out for an update in the next couple of weeks :)

Went hands on with ZOE and really enjoyed what is available in the demo. It took a few runs to really get a grasp on the mechanics, but I thought the aesthetic and core loop of the game are really well done. Grats dev, look forward to future releases/updates.

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Hey, thanks very much for the kind words and playthrough, it's really helpful! 

It's interesting to see you sticking mostly to the ground as you play, as it was my intention to encourage players to mostly fly around, dashing from enemy to enemy to keep the chain going and refilling the energy as it runs out (it only runs out when you're flying).

I'm making some changes in the next update to hopefully address this - movement speed will be much slower on the ground, so it's really more of a punishment for missing the energy/health dots, and there's going to be a time bonus multiplier that gets added to your score at the end of the level, so the faster you take out the brush, the better your score will be.  I might actually start the player in the flying state as well, so it's more obvious...

I'm also adding a power up system, so the flow of the level will change quite a bit as a result.

Update coming soon!


All sound like solid fixes. I couldn't figure out what kept the chain going, this now makes a lot more sense. I'll be keeping an eye out for that update!