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Hi there, My name's Graeme. I've been a freelance animator for about ten years now, and have been making my first game in my spare time for nearly a year.

It's a looping horizontal Shmup (a bit like Defender or Resogun) with some platformy ground pounding thrown in to mix it up a bit - you reload and regain health by stomping on the buttons at the bottom.  You've also got a dash which is important for escaping from sticky situations and getting to the next enemy quick enough to maintain your multiplier chain.

I've just uploaded my first work in progress demo for you to try, so please give it a go and let me know what you think!  It's currently just the first 2 waves of the first level, with no sound yet.  

In particular, I'm looking for feedback on how it feels to play (with both keyboard and controller, and if there are any controller issues), how it runs on your setup, and if there are any nasty bugs you encounter - but any constructive criticism is very welcome.  You can leave a comment here or wherever you found the link to get here.

I've still got a long way to go with this and I'll be posting here with plenty of updates as the project continues, so be sure to check out my Dev logs if you're interested and keep an eye out for the latest builds!


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Wip Demo 2

- Fuel now runs out when flying, instead of having limited ammo
- 5 directional shooting when on the ground
- Small positional adjustments now possible when flying
- Local high scores implemented
- Multiplier value appears at enemy positions when it increases

Already on my to do list
- Sound / Music
- Title page and  level intro
- Wave three of first level
- Boss battle
- New enemies
- High Score
- Multiplier System Tweaks


Zoe WiP Demo 2 34 MB

Development log

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