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ZOE Demo 0.14.1 Released
Hey, the new ZOE demo (with all the stuff included that I've been going on about for the last few months) is now available! Please lemme know what you think! N...
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New Power Ups
Hello! Ok, so I've been fairly busy with ZOE this month trying to develop the power up system into something a bit more engaging. The current idea is to have th...
Level Transition
Hi there, it's been a while since I've updated ZOE as I've had a little break from development to explore some other ideas, but I couldn't resist getting back i...
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ZOE 0.13.2 Update and Mac Version Released
Hello, I've just updated ZOE to version 0.13.2, now for both Mac and Windows! Updates include - - The aforementioned Mac version! - New online leaderboard - c...
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ZOE 0.13.1 Update Released - Tutorial Added
Hello, I just released an update for ZOE with a brand new tutorial to help ease new players in to the mechanics! As always, feedback is really welcome if you g...
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ZOE 0.13.0 Update Released - New Power Up System!
We've just released the latest update for ZOE which includes some big improvements to how it plays. - A new power up system lets you level up your gun, add som...
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Boss Fight Development
I've spent the last couple of months working on the first boss fight, and re-working the formation system, along with a bunch of other smaller tweaks. Having fi...
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ZOE (Actual Title Now!)
As usual, it's been far too long since I've updated my blog. I've just uploaded a low-key update to the game, so I thought I'd talk about what I've been up to...
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